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*sheepish* Jun. 11th, 2005 @ 11:08 pm
Why do I bother?

I don't even have anything much to say, I just felt like posting. So hi. I'm alive. *waves*
Feeling: guiltyguilty

Mar. 1st, 2005 @ 01:47 am
Oh heavens. This has gone too far. It is 1:47 AM. Terrell has just arrived. WTF?? I was just about to go to bed! But now I can't because I haven't got my PJs on and I can't change due to the presence of certain males in my ROOM! I'm sorry, but he is not staying till 5:45 tonight. No way. If he's not out of here by...2:30 or 2:45 at the latest, I'm asking them to go away. Why can't he ever come over at decent hours??

*is getting annoyed*
Feeling: aggravatedaggravated
Listening: Utada Hikaru - Simple & Clean

Feb. 24th, 2005 @ 12:46 am
Um. The roommate and her new boyfriend are making out. Stop. Please.


Oh dear.
Feeling: annoyedannoyed

*rocking in the corner, staring vacantly* Feb. 14th, 2005 @ 11:49 pm
Ahhhhhhh...Phantom. I'm so completely obsessed now. Can we please go see it ASAP, Mel? I may begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms. It's playing at the Arboretum.

PhantomPhans.net (OK, the whole PH fixation is the downside of this fandom) or some fansite had "That's All I Ask of You" for download as a Valentine's treat...it's so gorgeous. Only it's tripling my insanely strong desire to see it right now!!!!!

Oh...wow. What a movie. Although cleolinda at m15m has ruined it ever so slightly by making a Movies In 15 Minutes presentation of it, thereby pointing out all of the somewhat ridiculous aspects. Such as why Mme. Giry is the only one with a French accent. And how that whole underwater scene of Raoul's was rather pointless. And Christine's daddy issues. But still. What an incredible movie. NOW. I must see it now! I am suppressing the urge to shriek.

By the way *abrupt change of subject*: why don't we have Core tomorrow?

Jeez, I wish I had an iPod already so I could just play this song over and over and over. It's so beautiful even if Raoul is a sissy. I'll take Erik any day.

Also, assuming anyone is actually reading this. What was the whole "hands at the level of your eyes" thing about? I didn't get it.

I wonder where Erik went when C & R left...cos he lived, obviously. *ponders*

EDIT: The joys of Google. "I believe this means holding your hand at the level of your eyes because of the noose. Mdm. Giry tells Raoul to keep his hand there so he will not be hung. Buquet the flyman sings that magical lasso song which is about the phantom and the noose."

ANOTHER EDIT: Raoul totally didn't keep his hand there. Why didn't Erik hang him? Then he could go ravish Christine.
Feeling: highhigh on PotO
Listening: Emmy Rossum & Patrick Wilson - That's All I Ask of You

Phantom Fever Feb. 14th, 2005 @ 02:17 pm
Whoa. I went to see Phantom of the Opera Saturday night with Rachelle and Evy. *swoon*

Wow. Whoa. Other interjections. Incredible!

I am now officially 100% obsessed. The music. The actors. The cinematography. The story. *collapse*

I cried at the end of course. I liked the Phantom better. Raoul was too goody-two-shoes.

*splutter* It's so incredible I can't describe it. The music was phenomenal. I'm not really that familiar with the stage show, but the music couldn't be better than the film's.

Must get the soundtrack. I am dying to see it again. I was dying to see it again by the time the credits started. Mel, have you seen it? Would you like to see it or see it again? I would love an excuse to go before it leaves theaters.

Rachelle and Evy didn't like it. I am in love. Not particularly with any specific character, but with the whole incredible experience. It's unbelievable.

Also, I was droswy coming back to school this morning, so I got some Starbucks coffee--bringing my lifetime coffee intake to three cups--and now I'm rather overcaffeinated. I can't sit still and I keep giggling for no apparent reason, or at very odd things. Someone's current music on my friend page was "Point of No Return" and I squealed. I very rarely squeal. Ooh. English in 20 minutes and I have to grab a folder to turn in my paper. But...aha! When I get back I will not do my Core like a good child, I will add PotO to my interests and find lotslotslots of yummy icons. *squee*
Feeling: gigglycaffeinated
Listening: Point of No Return - in my head
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